A unique icon of Swift Current...

The Lyric Stag has been looking over the heart of our city for many decades. The muted colours on the brick wall of the Lyric Theatre are faded from sun and rain but the superimposed images of Stag and Old Chum tobacco ads are clearly visible.

Hints of an early Coca Cola ad on the right side of the picture also record the passing of time, like another archeological layer. The richness of the image and its historical authenticity make the Lyric Stag sign a beautiful and unique landmark of Swift Current.

You can own a piece of the Lyric and also show us financial support by buying an elegantly framed picture of the Lyric Stag image.

The photo-design artwork created by Luke Cyca is available for purchase in two sizes:

           approx. 11" x 19" framed picture ($120.00)
           approx. 6" x 10" framed picture ($60.00)

All pictures are professionally matted and framed by Ron Phaneuf of Prestige Framing in Swift Current.

This project is a fundraiser managed by Jean Cyca. All proceeds go to the Lyric Theatre.

For orders please contact Jean at 306-773-9750 or jeancyca@gmail.com

Pictures are also available for purchase at Urban Ground coffee shop in Swift Current and from the gift shop at the Swift Current Museum.