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A Renovation Update

Here are some images from the process:


The barriers are up and we are ready for work!

lyric lyric

Interior walls are down and wood chip insulation and ceiling are gone.               One of the new roof support beams


In June 2013 work began on the parapet.

Here are some before and after pictures:


Old skylight and frame for new skylight

lyric lyric

Missing block at front of building and the replacement block

lyric lyric

Missing bricks at back of building and after repair with bricks salvaged from roof repair

Summary of activities to July 1, 2013


The Board and volunteers were busy with programming and fundraising initiatives while they anxiously awaited word on a major grant application that would become the foundation for significant capital improvements to the building. 

When notification was received that the application had been approved, the Board looked for an architectural firm that would be willing to take on the yet-to-be defined project on short notice. With a supporting word from City officials, the firm of P3A agreed to assume the role of project managers. 

Discussions were held with Lyric patrons and community stakeholders to imagine future uses for the building. P3A brought a heritage building conservation specialist and other professionals to the table. A course of action was determined. 

The first step was to do a structural assessment of the building. To facilitate this, it was determined that partitions in the upper floor and the wood chip insulation in the ceiling should be removed. That resulted in a subsequent finding that there was a need to reinforce some of the load bearing components of the existing, original roof. Of particular concern was the framing that supported the sky lights, which were regarded as unique, character-defining features of the building.  

Since the wood chips needed to be removed due to fire regulations, there was now no insulation value in the ceiling of the upper floor. Leaks within the roof membrane were still evident and it was recommended that these be overcome by installing a new membrane which would include an insulation component. It was quickly accepted that it would be foolish to make improvements within the building if the physical envelope was not sound.  

While waiting for the engineers to determine specifications and draft blueprints for roof repairs, a core group continued to meet with P3A staff to discuss options for use of the building on all three levels. Programming continued at the Lyric despite the unforeseen delays.


Frontier Builders, the contractor hired for the building upgrades, was busy from February through April installing specially designed support beams for the roof. When that work is completed, a new roof membrane will be installed, including new, improved skylights (manufactured locally) to replace the originals.  

The tent-like, metal vents on the roof were considered a heritage feature. However, since they are not easily seen from street level, would no longer be functional, and keeping them would risk continuing roof leaks, it has been decided to remove them.  

Securing loose masonry along the parapet walls and installing protective flashing over the parapet will ensure a sound roof membrane. Gracom Masonary began work on the parapet in June. 

The funds that will be available after this first capital improvement phase is completed have been defined. The Board is in the process of making
decisions on what additional, priority work should be undertaken. These may include: 


Further fundraising initiatives will have to be undertaken as new phases of the vision for the Lyric are realized. It will take the hard work of individuals and the larger community on many levels. We hope you are committed to the adventures and rewards ahead!    

Thank you for your support.  Contact us by email, Facebook and Twitter.
See you at the Lyric!


Gwen Uher