Max TV made a video on a Max Magazine episode about historic Saskatchewan buildings. Here is part of that video with our president Denise Wall showing what we have done and plan to do to our beautiful building. As Swift Current grows in the future we hope to grow the Lyric back to its glorious past!

This is a collection of a few short videos showing the gorgeous decoration for our Mardi Gras party and our own home grown Zydeco band!

This is a video of a virtual tour of the Lyric Theatre.

This video gives a history of the of the Lyric Theatre along with Myshel Pajuaar's and Eliza Doyle's experiences with it.

Here are 2 audio files extracted from the CBC show The Grid hosted by Shawna Powers.

This audio is Myshel Pajuaar talking about her music experiences, the Midnight Roses and the Lyric Theatre

On this audio Rachel Wormsbecher talks about the history of the Lyric